We know that catering is an extremely busy industry which means that all appliances need to be working perfectly at all times.  We also know that things go wrong and sometimes those appliances might need a little TLC. 

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Midland Counties Heating are  happy to assist when it comes to catering equipment breakdowns and diagnostics as well as offering repair and maintenance to them too. All work is carried out quickly and efficiently so our customers can get back to doing what they do best – cooking!

We can also offer catering equipment servicing too. This will hopefully minimise the need to call us out for any breakdowns and repairs as any problems will have already been noted and rectified. We will ensure that your equipment is all fully safe and compliant and works as it should.

We can service a wide range variety of catering equipment. 

Decades of experience

Our core principles contain the objective to constantly improve services to support today’s marketplace.

Few mechanical and electrical contractors can claim to have traded for a period spanning four decades; The fact that Midland Counties has, pays tribute to the sustaining of our founders unchanging commitment to proper standards and integrity, while keeping pace with technical advances.

The embodiment of the traditional Midland Counties virtues of quality, reliability and durability are eminent in all that we undertake as we continue to concentrate resources where our skills and experience lie.

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The bulk of the company’s operations are concentrated in the following counties but we do travel further afield too.

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As an extremely experienced service provider committed to maintaining our position, we are sensitive and alert to social, technological and economic trends and adapt more quickly than our competitors. Positioning the organisation in the markets of tomorrow is thus a key objective.

Our company is more than adequately insured under our public and employer liability insurances and contractors combined insurance policy.